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Welcome to the RESET Challenge

begins Feb. 13, 2023

3 Weeks of Transformation in Spirit, Mind & Body


The reset challenge is a free 21-day challenge to help you build a healthy habit

The RESET Challenge is a 21-day wellness challenge designed to help you start your 2023 on the right foot, by building a healthy habit of your choosing, that appeals to either your physical, mental, or spiritual health!
First, text RESET to 844-889-6222, fill out the brief registration form linked in the follow-up message.

Once you register, here is how you can get started today:

  1. Choose a Healthy Habit to build over the 21-days
  2. Join a virtual accountability group or create your own group with friends, family, or people at your local Y
  3. Play weekly RESET Bingo boards to track your success AND enter to win AWESOME prizes

RESET Challenge faqs:

  • No, the RESET Challenge is open to everyone in the community age 18 & up! Non-members must be registered participants in order to visit the YMCA six times (two times per week) during the challenge. Please bring a government issued photo ID with you.

One new healthy habit, 21 days, beginning February 13th!

Friends, Challenges, Games, Recipes, Workouts, Meditations, Coaching

THE RESET CHALLENGE is ready to help fuel the start of 2023 for you!

Our goal is simple; YOU CHOOSE your next healthy habit and we give you the tools and motivation to help that new habit stick.

21 Days, Hit RESET and Find your 2023!

Haven't Joined yet?

text RESET to 844-889-6222


  • Of course! YMCA Members can come to the Y to safely work out, swim, walk, and participate in classes as normal. You can count that activity towards your RESET goal.
  • Non-members must be registered RESET participants to use the YMCA. Non-members are permitted to use the Y facilities for two visits each week of the RESET challenge from Feb. 13 - March 5, 2023.
    • Visits will count toward YMCA guest policies. Please note that Child Watch is not available for non-members, and non-members may not bring guests or non-registered family members with them.
  • All RESET participants will be subject to Y policies for in-person visits including group exercise class reservations.

Check out the BINGO FAQs!

Not a problem!

Don’t have a phone or don’t do text? Give us your email when you register online at stronglife.org/registration.

Text not going through? Try texting UNSTOP to 844-889-6222 and then RESET again. No luck? Send your concern to strongsupport@myy.org.

Here's how to participate:

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Need ideas for a healthy Habit?

Choose a Healthy Habit to build over the 21-days.

People that set goals are 94% more likely to stick with them 9 months later. Choose a habit from our sample list or create your own!

Check out our list of ideas for healthy habits for Spirit, Mind, and Body!

Find a partner of group!

Join an Accountability Group of 4-5 people from across the country by filling out the interest form at stronglife.org/groups to help you with your challenge success. Fill out the interest form to choose a Zoom date/time (Feb. 10, 11, or 12) to be placed into a group of 4-5 people for the challenge

Deadline to join a group is by the last Zoom: February 12th at 6PM EST.

Create a group with friends, family, or people at your local Y at any point during the challenge. Find all the resources & instructions you need at stronglife.org/groups

Play RESET Bingo

Track your habit building successes by playing weekly RESET Bingo (chance to win $50 gift card every week you get BINGO)

Week 1 BINGO Board: Body

Build your healthy habit and get weekly chances to win sweet prizes!

Once you get 5 in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) on your Bingo Card, fill out this form to enter to win this week's prize: bit.ly/3Gn4KuY

Weekly BINGO Prizes: $50 Gift Card (5 winners per week)
Grand Prize: Workout Training Duffel Bag, Hydro Flask Water Bottle, Workout LogBook,
$150 Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card (1 winner per region of the USA, see rules for details)

More Resources

Take advantage of all the resources and support: workout routines, classes, recipes, nutritional advice, playlists, meditation series, and more!

Welcome to the STRONG community

Welcome to the STRONG Community where we are changing thousands of lives every day. We are strengthening people in Spirit, Mind, and Body. The STRONG Community is inspiring and motivating its members organically each day to be better than the day before.

Find the encouragement you seek through challenges, our STRONG Community Facebook group, video messages and more, all throughout the year! Powered by your YMCA.

Join the STRONG Community on Facebook and share your journey, find encouragement, support a friend & more!

Need registration help? Call your local branch:

Downtown YMCA 256.319.9622 |  Southeast YMCA 256.883.9622 |  Hogan YMCA (Madison) 256.705.9622

Get the Encouragement & Support You Need

As a member of the Strong Life Community, you’ve got the support and strength of thousands of people just like you seeking to live a healthier, more balanced life.

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