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Diabetes Empowerment Education Program (DEEP)

DEEP is a licensed program for anyone with diabetes, pre-diabetes, family members, and caregivers. This 6-week program includes demonstrations and activities where members can learn about health management strategies and lifestyle choices. Taught by licensed coaches as well as pharmacists and a Registered Dietitian. 


Nutritional Counseling

The client will meet with a Registered Dietitian who will customize a diet plan based on their specific dietary needs and circumstances. Information can be provided on weight management, sports nutrition, celiac disease, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes.


Women On Weights

Strength training is a great way to ramp up your fitness routine, gain muscle strength, boost your metabolism, and build stronger bones. Certified Personal Trainers lead small, 5-person classes in 4-week sessions.


TRX Suspension Circuit Training

TRX is suspension training using your own body weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core strength in a circuit setting. It is designed for men and women of all fitness levels! 

Why Enroll in a YMCA Wellness Program?

Community Support

We provide a supportive community environment where individuals can connect with like-minded people on their wellness journey. This sense of camaraderie and encouragement can significantly boost motivation and accountability, making it easier to stick to one's goals. 

Inclusivity and Adaptability

YMCA wellness programs cater to people of all ages, fitness levels, and abilities, ensuring that everyone can find a program that suits their specific needs and goals.

Holistic Wellness

YMCA wellness programs focus on holistic health by addressing physical fitness, mental well-being, and emotional balance through activities like physical training and informational workshops.

Knowledgable Instructors

Our instructors are trained professionals who offer guidance on proper exercise techniques, nutrition, and overall wellness practices, maximizing results and minimizing the risk of injury.

Reducing Stress

Physical fitness is closely linked to mental well-being. Engaging in regular exercise releases endorphins, known as "feel-good" hormones, which can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. YMCA wellness programs provide opportunities for individuals to prioritize their mental health and find balance in their lives.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

YMCA wellness programs are designed to help individuals achieve their specific health and fitness goals, whether it's losing weight, building strength, improving cardiovascular endurance, or enhancing overall fitness levels. The structured nature of these programs, combined with expert guidance from trained instructors, increases the likelihood of success.

Improved Physical Health

Regular participation in YMCA wellness programs can lead to improved physical health. Engaging in activities that promote cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, and endurance can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases, enhance cardiovascular health, increase energy levels, and promote overall physical well-being.

Long-Term Sustainable Wellness

YMCA wellness programs can help you achieve long-term and sustainable wellness habits. The YMCA is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle, and personal trainers aim to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and motivation necessary to maintain your wellness journey independently. They strive to educate you about proper exercise techniques, balanced nutrition, and lifestyle habits that will support your long-term health and well-being, empowering you to continue making positive choices even after your personal training sessions have ended.

Expand Your Network

YMCA personal trainers have valuable connections within the fitness community. They can provide referrals to other professionals or resources within the YMCA network, including nutritionists, physical therapists, and group exercise classes, that complement your training and contribute to your overall well-being. This network of support provides access to a diverse range of services and expertise, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive approach to your wellness journey. By tapping into this network, you can use various resources to maximize your results and achieve a sense of well-being.

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